Innovator in lifestyle concept

Our vision is to be an innovator in lifestyle concept. This drives our ambition to be a global leader with strong brands, constantly rejuvenating our product portfolio and creating new demand. Coupled with our strategic focus in manufacturing expertise and retail excellence, the success of our business model is ensured. In striving to be a great company, we want to be an employer of choice, admired by our customers.

A company with
humble beginnings

Hwa Tat Lee (HTL) was founded by the Phua brothers in 1976, making PVC sofas for the local Singapore market. Their success in Singapore encouraged them to expand overseas. A quest for knowledge took them to Europe. In 1981, they forged a manufacturing partnership with one of the oldest manufacturers of leather sofas in Germany, Laauser GmbH, where they acquired technical expertise for production and product development.

Today, HTL continues to capitalise on innovation to enrich our business depth and enlarge our market scale. We were pioneers in starting our own leather tannery, creating a vertically integrated supply chain, making us one of the world’s largest sofa manufacturers and leather tanners. Respected and trusted by our business partners, we have built a loyal following in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. We continue to delight our customers with reliable on-site local support and excellent after-sales service.

We believe in satisfying the expectations of our stakeholders by ensuring long-term sustainable value for our shareholders, working in partnership with our customers to grow their business and offering our employees opportunities for development.

Sustaining our transformation

Our purpose and values are at the heart of our business. Built on the qualities that made our past achievements possible, they form the core beliefs that shape our future.

We make a difference through our innovation to fulfil needs and provide inspiration for people to enrich their lifestyle. Aligned with this purpose are our values of passion, partnership and innovation.