PHUA Yong Pin
Group Executive Chairman

Mr Phua has been the Group Executive Chairman since incorporation. A founding member with 48 years of experience in the furniture industry, he relocated to China in 1995 where he currently oversees and manages the Group's China-based manufacturing and retail operations.

PHUA Yong Sin
Deputy Group Executive Chairman

Mr Phua, co-founder of the Group, has been Deputy Group Executive Chairman since incorporation. For 12 years, he was the Managing Director of the Group's sofa manufacturing operations in Malaysia. He is currently responsible for quality assurance and product development. He has been stationed in Singapore since 2009.

PHUA Yong Tat
Group Managing Director

Mr Phua has been the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer since incorporation. A 40-year furniture industry veteran, Mr Phua is responsible for steering the Group's strategy and business development. He also oversees various aspects of the Group's business such as product development, product design, marketing, sales and foreign currency hedging.

Mr. Robert Chew
Chief Operations Officer


Mr. Steven Tan
Managing Director, Global Sales